For Whom: Yelkenli Yachting training program is for those who want to start sailing or improve their knowledge. It is based on the belief that the high standard of maritime and navigational knowledge gained through voluntary training will provide a higher level of safety than the legal obligations, documents and inspections at sea, and increase the pleasure of being at sea.

Content, Goal: Our program consists of a series of applications supported by maritime / cruise seminars and short seminars on other special topics. While increasing your knowledge and self-confidence with our seminars and practices, we provide Amateur Seafarer's Certificate, Yachtmaster etc. you also gain the necessary information to get the documents. Our goal is to reach the level of experience and knowledge you want not just limited by the documents.

Practices: Most of our practices are done over five days or a few weekends. In our practices, you will be accompanied by an experienced and competent instructor and up to five participants on a well-equipped boat. Our patient and humorous instructors try to spend one-on-one time with the participants by complying with the knowledge, talent and learning speed of each participant while providing a safe and fun environment on the boat. You can also have these practices on your own boat instead of our boats.

Our Cruise and Maritime Seminars: Our cruise and maritime seminars are designed to complement practice training at different levels. Our theoretical seminars aim to equip experienced or potential captains of sail boats or motor yachts with enough knowledge - at least at a theoretical level - to go out to sea and take responsibility for a yacht. Our seminars are given as night classes or weekend classes. What is expected after the seminars is to participate in Yelkenli Yachting practices that will enable you to transform the knowledge you have learned into skills.

Participation: You can participate in the Yelkenli Yachting Training Program at any level. For this, it is sufficient to have the experience and the knowledge specified in the prerequisites. We recommend you to be realistic while evaluating your experience and abilities and to meet with us when choosing seminars or practices.